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What if your body is a compass or guide to the secrets, mysteries, and magic of life? The Access Consciousness body classes were created by Gary Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer to offer bodies the gift of numerous hands-on body processes that unlock the tension, resistance, and dis-ease of the body by shifting energy dynamically.

An Access Body Process is a hands-on-the-body energetic process that when run or activated with a body, allows the body to show up more as the energy space and consciousness a body truly is capable of being. Most body processes are run in pairs with a gifter and receiver.

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the Beginning of a Greater World for Everyone.
This weekend is all about including your body, to be more aware of it and to open up to the gift that your body can be. What does your body know?
If you really want to have a greater awareness of the world, you have to also have your body included in that. So many people have disconnected from their body and it’s only about their spirit. But the reality is, the body and spirit work together to create everything that appears on the planet. So, if you really want to create a greater world, you have to do it with your body, not outside of your body. Not in opposition of your body but with your body.
What kind of awareness could you have that would create something greater than you have ever had before in all areas of your life?
Your body is the one that needs money, your body is the one that eats food, your body is the one that needs shelter, your body is the one that determines where you want to live. If we had a greater awareness of, and worked together with our body, we could create not only a greater aspect for us, but a greater world for everyone.
Welcome to Body Awareness Weekend celebrating bodies and the Access Consciousness Body Classes, processes and tools.

What Contribution is Your Body to Your Life?

Find out how the Access Consciousness tools and body processes empowered Katherine MacIntosh to totally change her points of views about her body...

Access Consciousness Body Classes

acbody-beard.jpgDo you enjoy your body every day? Or do you spend your day complaining about how much your body hurts or how you’re “stuck” with it? The Access Body Classes are an invitation to more ease, more gentleness, more potency and more fun with your body.

Your body is amazing. It is a source of potency and information about you and the world around you.

When you ignore your body’s capacities, how much of your life and your abilities are you also ignoring? What if there is a different possibility with your body?

Where would you and your body like to go? Discover more about the Access Body Classes.


Is Your Body an Ease or a Burden?

"Any area of your life that isn’t ease, joy and glory is where you have a lack of consciousness or awareness," says Gary Douglas, founder of Access Consciousness.

A unique aspect of Access Consciousness is that Douglas and his business partner, Dr. Dain Heer, extend this to include your body. Indeed, they say that it is not possible to become fully conscious without bringing your body along for the ride.  Douglas readily acknowledges that this inclusion of the body makes Access Consciousness markedly different from many other approaches to spirituality and enlightenment.

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Have You Left Your Body on the Side of the Road, on Your Way to Enlightenment?

Have you been earnestly working on your self-development and spirituality and ignoring your body while doing it?

Do the principles and practices you’ve been working on have anything to do with your body, or are they all in your mind? If you arrived at enlightenment without taking your body with you, would it be any fun anyway? If your body were telling you it would like to contribute to the process, would you hear what it was trying to tell you?

What if your body were as conscious as you are, and could be your partner in this journey? If your body were actually more conscious than you are, would you be willing to listen to it? What if the consciousness you are seeking were only possible by including your body in the process? What might that look like?

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