About Access Consciousness

Access Consciousness is a set of pragmatic, easy to use and potent tools that was founded almost 25 years ago by Gary Douglas with one target in mind – changing the world by empowering people to know that they know and raising consciousness on the planet while eliminating judgment.

The tools consist of energetic verbal processing and hands-on body processes that use the energy that we all are and have access to. With these tools you are able to let go of the energetic limitations that you have created and change any area of your life that is not as you wish it to be. 15 years ago, Gary was joined by Dr. Dain Heer and between them they have discovered the Access Body Processes.

As Gary worked with people he noticed an interesting trend…when people changed their bodies their lives changed and when people changed their lives their body changed. In true Access form he asked questions and became aware of the important connection and communion between you, your body and the earth.

garydain750x480.jpgDoes energy ever stop or complete? No. So the Access Body Processes are continually evolving and changing too. As Gary and Dr. Dain work with 1000’s of people all over the world they are continually discovering new ways to work with bodies, access the energies and change how we and our bodies function in this reality.

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“What if enjoying our bodies was the key to facilitating the earth
and changing the world?”

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